Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Danica Porobic

Affiliation: Oracle
Title: Autonomous Database Performance Insights 



Database architectures are fundamentally changing due to new technologies and new requirements. Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) is the premier cloud database that combines decades of database automation techniques and database infrastructure development, with the power of machine learning to deliver a fully autonomous database that revolutionizes data management. This talk provides a brief overview of ADB, dives deeper into innovative use of modern hardware technologies including PMEM and RoCE to deliver high-throughput data access and low latency data modification performance, and discusses deployment flexibility enabled by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gen-2 network design.

Short CV

Danica Porobic is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle working on the in-memory technologies in the database team. She received her PhD from EPFL where she focused on designing scalable transaction processing systems for non-uniform hardware. She has graduated top of her class with MSc and BSc in Informatics from University of Novi Sad and has worked at Oracle Labs and Microsoft SQL Server.