Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Joint Database Systems Seminar (with TU Darmstadt)

The Joint Database Systems Seminar is a joint research seminar series with the Data Management Lab from TU Darmstadt (led by Prof. Carsten Binnig). We will present our current research work and discuss novel ideas in the following areas:

  • Data Management on Modern Hardware
  • Stream processing
  • Interactive Data Exploration & ML
  • End-to-end machine learning
  • Natural language interfaces for databases
  • Benchmarking data processing systems
  • Trusted data management

During the seminar we also host invited talks by distinguished speakers from both academia and industry. On this page you can find the schedule and the abstracts of the talks.


25.10.2021 Muhammad El-Hindi P2Sharding: A New Parameter Server Framework for Privacy-Preserving Federated ML
08.11.2021 Nils Strassenburg Efficiently Managing Deep Learning Models in a Distributed Environment
22.11.2021 Tobias Ziegler ScaleStore: A Fast and Cost-Efficient Storage Engine using DRAM, NVMe, and RDMA
06.12.2021 Lawrence Benson Darwin: Scale-In Stream Processing
17.01.2022 Matthias Jasny P4DB - The Case for In-Network OLTP
14.02.2022 Tobias Maltenberger and Ivan Ilic Evaluating Multi-GPU Sorting with Modern Interconnects