Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl
Photo copyright: Steffen Roth / Snowflake

Martin Hentschel

Affiliation: Snowflake
Title: Snowflake Eating Their Own Dog Food



Snowflake uses their own big data technologies to optimize their service offering. Engineers and data scientists at Snowflake crawl petabytes of data to investigate, improve, and monitor all production systems. This talk dives into technologies and advantages of a modern cloud data platform to perform big data operations to optimize operations.

Short CV

Martin Hentschel is a Principal Software Engineer at Snowflake, working on security, meta data management, and performance optimizations. Prior to joining Snowflake, he was part of Microsoft working on the Bing search engine. He studied computer science at TU Dresden and ETH Zurich and holds a PhD in databases and information systems.