Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Thomas Bodner

Affiliation: HPI
Title: The Skyrise Project: Serverless Paradigm, Compute Elasticity, and Query Processing



Enterprises increasingly run the applications supporting their business processes in the cloud. Application data residing in the cloud expand the importance of cloud-based analytical workloads, which require provisioned infrastructure before any query processing can begin. Resource provisioning can be difficult for these workloads because they are often unpredictable and ad-hoc in nature. Overprovisioning and reduced cost-efficiency are the norm to avoid disruption of performance due to insufficient resources. Recently, cloud providers have introduced means to allocate and bill fine-granular units of resources with function-as-a-service (FaaS) compute platforms. We build the Skyrise serverless query processor that interhits the elastic scalability of its underlying FaaS infrastructure while it deals with the limitations and inefficiencies. Skyrise enables cost-efficient, interactive analytics on infrequently accessed data, a workload for which conventionally provisioned database systems are idle most of the time and thus not viable.

Short CV

Thomas Bodner is a Computer Science PhD student at HPI advised by Tilmann Rabl and Hasso Plattner. The goal of his research is to make database systems cheaper and faster through the capabilities of modern cloud environments. He is particularly interested in all aspects around query processing on serverless cloud infrastructure. Before joining HPI, he built database systems at SAP, TU Berlin, UC Irvine, and IBM.