Benedikt Ewald

Always intrigued by knowledge and the multifacetedness of its genesis and form, Benedikt studied both Physics and Philosophy at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. Seven years and two degrees later, he still has a huge love for science, but also felt the gap between disciplines as well as theory and praxis more pressing than ever, both for himself and the academic world.

Stumbling across the HPI School of Design Thinking rather accidentally, he jumped at the chance to come to Berlin and take a closer look at this distinctively practical way of developing new ideas. Finding more than he was looking for, Benedikt not only discovered DT to be a truly human-centered approach of working together on new innovative ideas with people from a variety of different disciplines and backgrounds, but also as potentially pathbreaking towards improving creative collaboration in general. To substantiate this promise, he joined the DTRP as a research assistant in October 2015, analyzing DT team interaction together with Axel Menning and Andrea Scheer.