Danjela Hüsam

Danjela studied Industrial Design and Interior Architecture in Hildesheim and Innovation Management at the EBS Business School, University of Wiesbaden.

Before she came to the Hasso Plattner Institute in October 2013, she continued her education and integrated business coaching as well as scheduling and moderating workshops into her work as an interior architect and innovation manager. As team leader and project manager, Danjela developed furniture and spatial concepts for creative spaces at several famous companies such as Swisscom (Schweiz) AG or Hugo Boss AG. A primary concern of her work is the interaction between mind and matter or, in concrete terms, the impact of spatial factors on performance in the Design Thinking Process. The central concern of her work addresses the question of how knowledge of spatial support can be used systematically to increase team performance.

Danjela Hüsam joined the Design Thinking Research Program of Hasso Plattner Institute in 2013. She supports research from a senior designer´s and innovation manager´s perspective with a focus on spatial factors in the Design Thinking Process.