Prof. Rich Shavelson, Ph.D.

Rich Shavelson is the former Dean of the Stanford School of Education and the PI of this year's "Teamology" project. Rich received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Stanford and has been a professor there since 1970. His current research is in social science measurement and evaluation methods, psychometrics, and related policy and practice issues. His measurement research involves working closely with teachers and scientists in the development of performance and other assessments in science education, and their evaluation along psychometric, cost, classroom use and social impact lines. Recently his research has focused on linking assessment methods with a working definition of achievement that includes declarative, procedural, schematic, and strategic, knowledge. Co-author with Professor Noreen Webb of the book, Generalizability Theory: A Primer, Professor Shavelson's other psychometric publications include research on the dependability of performance assessments used in work and education. His policy research includes two monographs on alternative designs of indicator systems for monitoring the health of the nation's mathematics and science education systems.