Shameek Ganguly

Shameek is a Research Assistant at the Center for Design Research, Stanford University as also a 2nd year Master's candidate in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. Having pursued a very analytically focused training as an undergrad in India, he is excited to understand new and different thinking styles and is presently part of the HPI 'Personal Myth Trait' project. Part of his research is currently looking into an apparent dichotomy in the problem solving behavior of individual engineers and designers as expressed in solution or problem focus. He plans to apply the results from this study in designing further research into problem solving behaviors in team situations. Aside from this, Shameek also takes active interest in robotics and human-robot interaction and takes a lot of joy in teaching 'Experimental Robotics (http://cs.stanford.edu/groups/manips/teaching/cs225a)' to undergraduate and graduate level students at Stanford as a teaching assistant.