Sean Follmer


Shape Teams: Supporting Physical Collaboration for Remote Design Teams Through Linked Tactile Shape Displays (Stanford)

PI: Sean Follmer, PhD Abstract Designers in collocated teams communicate and think not only through sketches, but … > mehr

Embedded and Embodied Design of Ubiquitous Robot Interaction

PI: Sean  Follmer, PhD Abstract As ubiquitous robots move into our homes and workplaces, we believe that they will … > mehr

Investigating Active Tangible Proxies and Augmented Reality for Creativity Support in Remote Collaboration

PI: Sean Follmer Abstract Physical manipulation is a key part of externalizing representations of knowledge and the … > mehr

ProtoKinetic: A Multimodal Design Tool for Rapid and Real-Time Prototyping of Human-Robot Interactions

PI: Sean Follmer Abstract In the coming era of ubiquitous robotics we envision the need for the effortless design of … > mehr

Making Design Thinking Accessible to Blind and Visually Impaired People

PI: Prof. Sean Follmer Abstract Design thinking leverages spatial and visual diagramming as a central component for both … > mehr