Selina Mayer

Selina Mayer

Selina Mayer studied Psychology with a focus on organizational and business psychology at Freie Universität Berlin and Duke University. She received her M.Sc. from the Freie Universität Berlinand studied Design Thinking at the HPI D-school in Potsdam.

The background of business psychology and design thinking add up to her overall interest in user-centered design and her passion for human behavior. By developing and conducting various professional education formats at the HPI Academy, she applies these fields of expertise in her working life on a daily basis. Selina facilitates and consults both method focused design thinking workshops, and solution driven long term projects. Having already worked for a globally operating engineering company and for a small Berlin Start-Up she is experienced with very different infrastructures of small, young but also big and traditional businesses.

As a researcher in the Design Thinking Research Program at HPI/Stanford University and at the chair of Design Thinking & Innovation Research, she is interested in the Impact of Design Thinking within organizations. Topics such as Innovation Leadership, Leading Transformation, The Mindset of an Innovator are of further interest.


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