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From Prototypes to Innovation: Activating Design Thinking Prototypes in Companies

PI: Prof. Christoph Meinel


For companies, the incorporation of Design Thinking as part of the innovation process bears unsolved challenges. Design Thinking aims for the development of prototypes, while the overall innovation process aims for innovations. The development of innovation highly depends not only on Design Thinking teams but on contributions from all over the company and the support of various stakeholders within the innovation process. These so-called corporate stakeholders must become aware of relevant design insights gained through Design Thinking in order to facilitate the development of prototypes into innovations.

In this research project, we want to address the challenge of communicating insights from Design Thinking processes. We want to develop a tool that enables the communication of design insights embodied in prototypes. The idea is to visualize the evolution of prototypes in Design Thinking processes and to observe whether this tool will lead to a significant impact on the perceptions of corporate stakeholders within the innovation process that have not been part of the Design Thinking process.


Birgit Jobst

Birgit Jobst. Birgit Jobst studied Industrial Design at the Berlin University of Arts, … > mehr

Christine Noweski

Christine Noweski. Christine has studied political science in Potsdam (Germany) and Bangalore … > mehr

Dr. Julia von Thienen

Julia von Thienen. Julia von Thienen was born in 1978 in Berlin. She studied psychology at the Free … > mehr

Eva Köppen

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Holger Rhinow

Holger Rhinow. Holger Rhinow was born in 1981 in Berlin, Germany. He studied Social Sciences, Media … > mehr

Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel

Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel. Christoph Meinel is President and CEO of the Hasso Plattner Institute … > mehr