IT Systems Engineering for Bachelor, Master and PhD

This practice-oriented computer science study focuses on the development of complex software systems. > more

HPI School of Design Thinking

Creative minds can pursue postgraduate studies in the innovation method of Design Thinking by taking part in the HPI … > more

Design Thinking for Students of All Disciplines

The innovation school offers a one or two-semester supplementary study program in Design Thinking. > more

Applying for a Degree Program at Hasso Plattner Institute

Information about applying for a bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral or postgraduate study program at HPI can be found here. > more


HPI Research School

The Graduate school at Hasso Plattner Institute has devoted itself to the field of “Service-Oriented Systems … > more

HPI Future SOC Lab

The HPI Future SOC Lab provides an efficient infrastructure for academic research. > more

The HPI Research Groups: A Broad Spectrum of Topics

The HPI research groups develop innovative solutions for current issues in information technology. > more


Intensive Program: HPI and Stanford CPD Help in Digital Transformation

The course "Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation" teaches current material about information technology and … > more

Design Thinking Week: Students Improve the Daily Life Experience for People with Illiteracies

"Improve the daily life experience for people with illiteracies" – this was the challenge eight teams worked on at our … > more

Innovative Research Projects

HPI carries out innovative projects in all areas of computer science in its nine fields of discipline. > more

Entrepreneurship: From Lecture Hall to Executive Chair

The Hasso Plattner Institute supports its students in their creation of start-ups. The alumni include a large number of … > more

Open Campus

Hasso Plattner Receives German Design Award

HPI founder Hasso Plattner has been named recipient of the Personality German Design Award 2017. > more

Youth Academy: The fun way to learn about computer science

The goal of the Youth Academy is to show young people the creative possibilities inherent in computer science. > more

openHPI: open IT online courses for everybody

The interactive Internet educational platform offers free online courses at the university level. > more

HPI Academy: Innovations for professionals

The HPI Academy offers continuing education for professionals in the field of Design Thinking and innovation. > more



CeBIT-Erlebnistage: HPI zeigt Schülern digitale Trends

Die neuesten Multicopter in Aktion erleben, das erste Mal voll autonom in einem Postbus fahren und … > more


Bildungsmesse Didacta: HPI präsentiert Schul-Cloud zum Anfassen

Vom 14. bis 18. Februar wird das Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI) auf der Bildungsmesse Didacta in … > more


Industrie 4.0-Konferenz: BDI-Präsident Kempf brennt Breitbandausbau auf den Nägeln

Zum dritten Mal hatte das Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI) führende Vertreter aus Wirtschaft, … > more


US Entry Ban: "A Blow to International Research Programs"

Prof. Christoph Meinel criticizes the American president’s entry ban on citizens from seven Muslim … > more