Jens Krüger

Jens Krueger first studied Business Administration at the School of Business & Economics at the Freie Universität Berlin. After graduation, he worked for SAP Steeb as a SAP development consultant. Then, after working for over three years as SAP development team leader at PROMOS consult, he started in October 2006 with his doctoral studies at the research group of Prof. Plattner, where he is also in charge of the In-Memory Research Laboratory.
Since October 2006 Jens’ attention has focused on the In-Memory Data Management for Enterprise Applications research topic, which allows him to combine his prior knowledge and experience on developing customer-specific enterprise database applications with the in-memory technology he has been working on in recent years. At the same time, he supports, at the In-Memory Research Laboratory, the research conducted by the research group, by providing and managing latest high-end server hardware. Furthermore, he operates complex enterprise systems for a realistic environment of the research and prototype implementation. The primary objective of his work is to achieve efficient enterprise-specific data management built on actual requirements and characteristics, while leveraging current trends in hardware and data management technologies. In particular, his research focuses on in-memory databases, column-oriented storage schemas, and query-aware lightweight compression techniques, while he derives the enterprise-specific requirements from analyzing customer systems. In March 2012 he was appointed chair representative together with Juergen Mueller at the research group of Prof. Plattner.