Community Building Workshop Fall 2022

27th Community Building Workshop of the Design Thinking Research Programms

Biannually, researchers from the HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program have met to present news from their projects and provide impetus for further successful work. For the 27th time in the program's 14-year history, there was valuable exchange between researchers from California and Potsdam.  This last session took place in Potsdam from September 14-16, 2022. In parallel workshop sessions, subgroups worked on the questions of the 17 funded projects.

In this final year of the program, researchers discussed ideas for future collaboration and placed great value on the exchange that took place. Especially relevant was the presentation, “A Workshop-Based Method for the Collective Speculation on the Ethical Implications of Technological Futures” presented by the Stanford Teams of James Landay as well as “Pandemic Pathways: Learning for Innovation” of the Potsdam team, which has been researching the effective mediation of design thinking in online formats for several years. 

The HPDTRP Community Building Workshop attendees were also invited to join the ImpAct Conference at HPI celebrating 15 years of D-School.  Researchers developed content as well for the Research Lab that was housed in the D-School throughout the conference.  The Research Labs were very well attended and offered conference participants the chance to explore concepts in hands-on workshops.

There was ample time for informal exchange and the continuation of the discussions and thoughts initiated in the workshops. The community building was again an enrichment for all participants.

At the end of the event, as part of a retrospective panel, Prof. Christoph Meinel offered his thanks to participating researchers and in turn received a bouquet of flowers in the name of all researchers in appreciation for his dedication to the program from the start and all he has done to build community between researchers at Stanford University and HPI over the last 14 years.