Projects 2013/14

Flash teams: on-demand design via expert crowdsourcing

PI: Prof. Michael Bernstein Abstract Crowdsourcing offers design teams the opportunity to reach out to perspectives from … > more

Improving Embodied Design Thinking Through Collaborative Improvisation

PI: Prof. Larry J. Leifer Abstract We propose a design generative technique that we call Embodied Design Improvisation, … > more

d.Modular: Enhancing a Novice Designer's Prototyping Self-Efficacy with Modular Electronic Prototyping Tools

PI: Riitta Katila Abstract Rough prototyping enables designers to rapidly iterate design concepts, gather feedback, and … > more

Developing Design Thinking Process Metrics as a Driver for Creative Innovation

PI: Prof. Bernard Roth Abstract A primary barrier faced when applying design thinking is not understanding what benefits … > more

Design Thinking Health: telepresence for remote teams with mobile augmented reality

PI: Prof. Larry J. Leifer Abstract This research seeks to explore the application of design thinking for improved … > more

Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking Teams

PI: Prof. Bernard Roth Abstract Multidisciplinary teamwork is a key requirement in the design thinking approach to … > more

Impact and Sustainability of Creative Capacity Building

PI: Prof. Allan L. Reiss Abstract  This study will permit a comprehensive analysis of the rich multidimensional data … > more

Creative Spaces in Innovation Processes – Understanding, Assessing and Designing the Impact of Mental and Spatial Factors

PI: Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg Abstract The overall objective of this research project is to identify, … > more

Tele-BoardMED: Engaging Design Thinkers and Psychotherapists in Mutual Learning

PI: Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel Abstract Tele-Board MED is a software that helps patient and doctor create and use … > more

How can Design Thinking improve Software Engineering Processes II

PI: Dr. Matthias Uflacker Abstract Design Thinking has shown its value as a methodology for the generation of innovative … > more

Connecting Designing and Engineering Activities III - Reconstructing the Design Thinker’s Journey

PI: Prof. Dr. Holger Giese Abstract The different design thinking activities result in numerous analog as well as digital … > more

Impact by Design: How Design Thinking Affects International Organizations and Vice Versa

Design Thinking is on everyone’s lips. Design Thinking polarizes: some doom it, and some are just about to discover it. … > more

Can Design Thinking Improve Programming? III - From Problem Prevention to Graceful Recovery: Recovery Tools As Enabler For Trial and Error in Program Design

PI: Prof. Dr. Robert Hirschfeld Abstract Design methods can significantly improve program design activities. To … > more

Globalized Design Thinking - Supporting Design Thinking at Different Locations

PI: Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel Abstract Today’s markets are global, development teams are spread all over the globe, … > more