Projects 2016/17

Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking Teams III (HPI)

PI: Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg Abstract Over the last two years, we have developed and refined two … > more

Design Thinking Methodology at Work: From Analysis to Prediction

PI: Prof. Dr. Holger Giese Abstract The methodology of Design Thinking (DT) suggests a repertoire of methods and … > more

Can Design Thinking Improve Programming? Exploring Means to Grow a Shared Vocabulary Between Programmers and Domain Experts

PI: Prof. Dr. Robert Hirschfeld Abstract Programmers collaborate continuously with do-main experts to explore the problem … > more

Evaluating Scrum and Design Thinking in Practice

PI: Dr. Matthias Uflacker Abstract We strive to enhance the experience of teams working with Scrum by adding Design … > more

Design Thinking Pain Management: Tools to improve human-centered communication between patients and providers

PI: David Pickham Abstract This proposed research explores the role of design thinking to improve pain management for … > more

Mapping and Measuring Impact of Design Thinking in Organizational Environments

PI: Prof. Sheri Sheppard, PhD, Prof. Bernard Roth, PhD Abstract The ability to measure the impact of design thinking is … > more

Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking Teams

PI: Larry Leifer Abstract Our proposed research aims to develop a diagnostic instrument to study design thinking teams … > more