Projects 2010/11


PI: Larry Leifer Abstract With analyzeD we aim to create and disseminate a design project analyzer that will enable … > more


PI: Professor Rich Shavelson Abstract Nearly all design work is collaborative. Much attention has been devoted to the … > more


PI: Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel Abstract Our 2009 experiment on Design Thinking performance yielded a surprising result: … > more


PI: Professor Christoph Meinel Abstract In the first year the D-Tools 2.0 project focused on supporting real-time Design … > more

Design Thinking Assessment Metric

PI: Professor Bernard Roth Abstract Abstract: The purpose of the proposed research is to develop a tool for assessment of … > more

What is the Value of Prototyping?

PI: Assistant Professor Scott Klemmer Abstract This proposal introduces fundamental empirical research to help understand … > more

Programming Perspectives

PI: Prof. Dr. Robert Hirschfeld Abstract Agile software development and Design Thinking share values and principles. This … > more

Cultural Influences on Design Thinking

PI: Professor Pamela Hinds Abstract As a continuation to our 2008-2009 study, we propose to advance our investigation of … > more

Tangible Business Process Modeling (HPI)

PI: Professor Matthias Weske Abstract Business process models are the central artifacts to share and communicate … > more

Re-Representation III

PI: Professor Larry Leifer Abstract Current IT development approaches rely on traditional engineering philosophies and … > more

Towards Next-Generation Design Thinking II

PI: Professor Holger Giese Abstract Design thinking is at its best if tangible prototypes can be used to capture existing … > more

Developing a Design Thinking Evaluation System

PI: Professor Bernard Roth Abstract In order to validate the efficacy of how design thinking is taught to graduate … > more