The Goal of the Program

The overall goal of the program was to discover metrics that predict Design Thinking team performance.
There are two special program themes of interest:

  • exploring the role of Design Thinking in the field of Information Technology and IT systems engineering
  • to identify the underlying neuro-cognitive foundations of Design Thinking and how to enhance their efficacy.

Guiding questions were:

  • What are people really thinking and doing when they are engaged in creative design innovation? How can new frameworks, tools, systems, and methods augment, capture, and reuse successful practices?
  • What is the impact of Design Thinking on human, business, and technology performance? How do the tools, systems, and methods really work to create the right innovation at the right time? How do they fail?

On October 1, 2021 the 14th program year started with 17 new projects which were selected by the DTRP committee from a wide range of interesting proposals.