Projects 2009/10


Rosie. PI: Professor Mark Cutkosky Abstract Distributed design teams face barriers to design … > more

Tangible Business Process Modelling (Stanford)

TBPM: Tangible Business Process Modeling - Bringing IT Systems Thinking to Design Thinking . PI: … > more

Tangible Business Process Modeling (HPI)

TBPM: Tangible Business Process Modeling – Using Design Thinking principles for IT Method … > more

Cultural Influences on Design Thinking

Cultural Influences on Design Thinking. PI: Professor Pamela Hinds Abstract As a continuation to … > more

Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development in Virtual Collaboration Environments. PI: Prof. Dr. Robert Hirschfeld  … > more

What is the Value of Prototyping?

What is the Value of Prototyping?. PI: Assistant Professor Scott Klemmer Abstract This proposal … > more

What drives Creative Thinking...?

What drives Creative Thinking...? . PI: Professor Brian Knutson Abstract Employees’ ability to … > more

D-Tools 2.0

D-Tools 2.0 - Enabling efficient collaboration in digital design spaces across time and distance. … > more

Design Loupes

Design Loupes. PI: Dr. Alexander Zeier, Professor Larry Leifer Abstract Researchers from the … > more


e.valuate: The propelling power of “space” and “instruction”. PI: Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel  … > more

Measuring and Changing Organizational Culture

Measuring and Changing Organizational Culture Through Design Thinking Culture Metrics (DTCM). PI: … > more


Teamology: The Art and Science of Successful Design Team Formation. PI: Professor Shavelson  … > more