Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


Paper accepted at EDBT 2015

Research Paper

Estimating Data Integration and Cleaning Effort

Sebastian Kruse, Paolo Papotti, Felix Naumann

Abstract.  Data cleaning and data integration have been the topic of intensive research for at least the past thirty years, resulting in a multitude of specialized methods and integrated tool suites. All of them require at least some and in most cases significant human input in their configuration, during processing, and for evaluation. For managers (and for developers and scientists) it would be therefore of great value to be able to estimate the effort of cleaning and integrating some given data sets and to know the pitfalls of such an integration project in advance. This helps deciding about an integration project using cost/benefit analysis, budgeting a team with funds and manpower, and monitoring its progress. Further, knowledge of how well a data source fits into a given data ecosystem improves source selection.

We present an extensible framework for the automatic effort estimation for mapping and cleaning activities in data integration projects with multiple sources. It comprises a set of measures and methods for estimating integration complexity and ultimately effort, taking into account heterogeneities of both schemas and instances and regarding both integration and cleaning operations. Experiments on two real-world scenarios show that our proposal is two to four times more accurate than a current approach in estimating the time duration of an integration process, and provides a meaningful breakdown of the integration problems as well as the required integration activitiesr nodes.