Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Master projects

Master projects are research-oriented projects with 3-6 students for the duration of one semester (12 credits). Descriptions of all HPI master projects are here as pdf files.

  • Summer 2020: Multimodal Analysis for Cultural Data
  • Winter 19/20: Mapping and Understanding the Evolution of Language
    Results published at LWDA 2020
  • Summer 2019: What’s in a Life? Representing Vitae in 1000 Dimensions
  • Summer 2018: Vandalism Detection in Wikipedia Table Revisions
  • Summer 2017: Hate Speech Detection
    Results published at COLING Workshop TRAC 2018
  • Winter 16/17: Profiling Dynamic Data
    Results published at EDBT 2019
  • Winter 15/16: Learning to Note: Intelligent Support for Document Annotation using Semi-Supervised Learning (with EPIC-group)
    Results published at SMBM 2016
  • Summer 2015: Approximate Data Profiling
    Results published at CIKM 2016 and at BTW 2017
  • Winter 14/15: Metadata Trawling
  • Summer 2014: Finding Relevant Tweets for News
    Results published at WWW 2015 (Poster Track)
  • Winter 13/14: Piggyback Profiling: Metadata for Query Results
    Results published at LWDA 2018
  • Winter 13/14: Joint Data Profiling
    Results published at EDBT 2016
  • Winter 12/13: FactScore: Global Relevance Scores for DBpedia Facts
    Results published at DESWeb 2014 workshop
  • Winter 11/12: LuSim: Similarity Search with Apache Lucene
    Results published at DBRank 2012 workshop
  • Summer 2011: Duplikaterkennung auf GPUs
    Results published at BTW 2013 (Runner up for Best Paper Award)