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Paper accepted at DSMM 2017 workshop

Tim Repke, Michael Loster, Ralf Krestel Our paper "Comparing Features for Ranking Relationships … > more


Vision paper accepted at ExploreDB 2017

Tobias Bleifuß, Theodore Johnson, Dmitri V. Kalashnikov, Felix Naumann, Vladislav Shkapenyuk and … > more


Spark Summit 2017 session on Rheem

Rheem has been selected for presentation at the Spark Summit 2017. Located in the Bay Area, the … > more


SIGMOD 2017 Tutorial about Data Profiling

Our tutorial "Data Profiling" will be held at the 2017 SIGMOD conference in Chicago. It is an … > more


Poster accepted at WWW 2017

The paper titled 'What was Hillary Clinton doing in Katy, Texas?' by Toni Gruetze, Konstantina … > more


VLDB 2017 - Call for Papers in Industry track

Call for papers VLDB 2017 Industrial, Applications, and Experience Track August 28 to September … > more


Two papers on data profiling accepted at BTW 2017

Two papers on data profiling have been accepted at the BTW 2017. Both papers describe novel methods … > more


Metanome Projekt gewinnt Ideenwettbewerb des 10. Nationalen IT-Gipfels

Mit dem Projekt "Metanome - Die Data Profiling Plattform" gewannen Thorsten Papenbrock, Sebastian … > more


Paper accepted at ICDM DINA workshop 2016

The paper "Cluster-based Sorted Neighborhood for Efficient Duplicate Detection" by Ahmad Samiei and … > more


FG-DB Herbsttagung am HPI (german)

Vom 12. September bis zum 14. September findet am HPI die LWDA Konferenz statt, eine Kombination von … > more


Tutorial on Graph Exploration at CIKM 2016

Davide Mottin, Anja Jentzsch, and Emmanuel Müller will present the tutorial "Graph Exploration: … > more


Paper accepted at CIKM 2016

The paper "Approximate Discovery of Functional Dependencies for Large Datasets" has been selected … > more


Tutorial on Rheem at BOSS@VLDB 2016

After a public voting phase, Rheem has been chosen for a tutorial at the workshop for Big Data Open … > more


Paper accepted at TPDL Doctoral Consortium 2016

The paper titled 'Identifying Political Bias in News Articles' by Konstantina Lazaridou and Dr. Ralf … > more


Article published in the Data Engineering Bulletin

The quarterly published IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin journal was just released. Its current issue … > more


Rheem goes open source

The Rheem project has now published its source code under the Apache License on GitHub. Rheem is a … > more


Paper accepted at NLDB 2016

The paper titled 'Topic Shifts in StackOverflow: Ask it like Socrates' by Toni Gruetze, Ralf … > more


Article accepted for Journal of Web Semantics - SI: Knowledge Graphs

The article "CohEEL: Coherent and Efficient Named Entity Linking through Random Walks" by Toni … > more


ACM SIGMOD Blog hosts Felix Naumann

Data optimization already touches many aspects of our lives promising a better, improved, even … > more


Two papers on data profiling accepted at SIGMOD 2016

The two papers "A Hybrid Approach to Functional Dependency Discovery" and "RDFind: Finding … > more


Demo accepted at SIGMOD 2016

The Rheem project has been selected for a demo presentation at the SIGMOD 2016 (abstract at the … > more


Paper accepted at Q4APS WWW workshop

A full paper has been accepted at the Q4APS workshop at the WWW 2016 conference. The paper is called … > more


Metanome version 1.0 released

In the last few months, we introduced many new features in the Metanome data profiling tool: We … > more


Student Paper accepted at EDBT 2016

The article "Holistic Data Profiling: Simultaneous Discovery of Various Metadata" by Jens Ehrlich, … > more


Order dependency detection article accepted for VLDB Journal

The article "Efficient Order Dependency Detection" by Philipp Langer (now IBM) and Felix Naumann … > more


Felix Naumann wins teaching prize

After being nominated by the student body of HPI, the faculty for mathematics and natural sciences … > more


Paper accepted at Web Intelligence 2015

The results of the Master thesis by Tobias Schubotz are being presented at the Web Intelligence … > more


Paper accepted at LWA 2015

The paper titled 'How to Stay Up-to-date on Twitter with General Keywords' by Mandy … > more


Demo and Paper accepted at ISWC 2015 and ISWC 2015 Workshop

Demo at ISWC 2015  Exploring Linked Data Graph Structures Anja Jentzsch, Christian Dullweber, … > more


Paper accepted at KI 2015

Full Paper accepted at KI 2015: A Serendipity Model For News Recommendation Maximilian Jenders, … > more


Markus Freitag wins TDWI Award for master's thesis

The former master's student Markus Freitag has won the prestigious TDWI award for the best master's … > more


Demo accepted for VLDB 2015

The demonstration paper "Data Profiling with Metanome" was accepted for the 2015 VLDB conference. … > more


Survey on Data Profiling published in VLDB Journal

The article "Profiling relational data: a survey" by Ziawasch Abedjan (MIT), Lukasz Golab … > more


German news article about R

Dr. Ralf Krestel about the programming language R and its use for predictive analytics (in German):  … > more


Metanome presented at Sapphire 2015

The data profiling framework Metanome is presented at SAP's Sapphire 2015 conference in Orlando. See … > more


Second paper accepted at VLDB 2015

Experiments and Analysis Paper Functional Dependency Discovery: An Experimental Evaluation of Seven … > more


Dr. Arvid Heise

Arvid Heise has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on March 17, 2015! His work focused on … > more


Poster accepted at WWW 2015

Research Poster Paper Tweet-Recommender: Finding Relevant Tweets for News Articles Ralf Krestel … > more


Paper accepted at TempWeb 2015

Research Paper Learning Temporal Tagging Behaviour Toni Gruetze, Gary Yao, and Ralf Krestel  … > more


Ziawasch Abedjan wins dissertation award

Dr. Ziawasch Abedjan graduated from HPI in June 2014. His dissertation with the title "Improving RDF … > more


Paper accepted at VLDB 2015

Research Paper Divide&Conquer-based Inclusion Dependency Discovery Thorsten Papenbrock, Sebastian … > more


Apache Flink is a top-level project

After eight months in the incubating phase, the Apache Software Foundation board unanimously passed … > more


Paper accepted at BTW 2015

Research Paper Scaling out the Discovery of Inclusion Dependencies Sebastian Kruse, Thorsten … > more


Paper accepted at EDBT 2015

Research Paper Estimating Data Integration and Cleaning Effort Sebastian Kruse, Paolo Papotti, … > more


Dr. Alexander Albrecht

Alexander Albrecht has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on November 26, 2014! His work … > more


CIKM 2014 Best Student Paper Award

Our submission "DFD: Efficient Functional Dependency Discovery" by Ziawasch Abedjan, Patrick … > more


Paper accepted at DINA

1st International Workshop on Data Integration and Applications co-located with the IEEE … > more


Dr. Johannes Lorey defended his Ph.D. dissertation

Johannes Lorey has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on October 27, 2014! His work … > more


Anja Jentzsch wins Semantic Web Journal 2014 Outstanding Paper Award

Together with her co-authors Jens Lehmann, Robert Isele, Max Jakob, Dimitris Kontokostas, Pablo N. … > more


Internet-Wachstum: Datenweb seit 2011 mehr als verdreifacht

Das „Web der Daten“ hat sich seit Herbst 2011 mehr als verdreifacht. Das ist das Ergebnis einer … > more


Journal article accepted at TKDE

Progressive Duplicate Detection Thorsten Papenbrock and Arvid Heise and Felix Naumann Abstract. … > more


2 full papers accepted at CIKM

Estimating the Number and Sizes of Fuzzy-Duplicate Clusters Arvid Heise, Gjergji Kasneci, and … > more


Ziawasch Abedjan defended his Ph.D. dissertation

Ziawasch Abedjan has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation with distinction on July 18, 2014! … > more


Paper accepted at COLING

25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING) August 23, 2014, Dublin, Ireland > more


Know@LOD Paper selected for "Best of Workshop" Session

Our paper "Ziawasch Abedjan and Felix Naumann. Amending RDF Entities with New Facts" from KNOW@LOD … > more


Stratosphere accepted as Apache Incubator Project

We are happy to announce that Stratosphere has been accepted as a project for the Apache Incubator. … > more


2 Papers accepted at ESWC Workshops.

Know@LOD 2014 and PROFILES 2014, co-located with 10th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) 2014 > more


Stratosphere overview paper accepted for VLDB Journal

The Stratosphere Platform for Big Data Analytics Alexander Alexandrov, Rico Bergmann, Stephan Ewen, … > more


SIGMOD Demo accepted

Versatile optimization of UDF-heavy data flows with Sofa Astrid Rheinländer, Martin Beckmann, Anja … > more


Paper accepted at DINA

Research Paper Bootstrapping Wikipedia to Answer Ambiguous Person Name Queries Toni … > more


Paper accepted at DESWeb

5th International Workshop on Data Engineering meets the Semantic Web (DESWeb) In conjunction … > more


DFG research unit "Stratosphere" extended

Joint research on Stratosphere by TU Berlin, HU Berlin, and HPI > more


Article accepted for Informatik-Spektrum

Ein Datenbankkurs mit 6.000 Teilnehmern: Erfahrungen auf der openHPI MOOC Plattform > more


Research Paper and Demo accepted for ICDE 2014

30th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), Chicago, IL, USA, March 31st - April … > more


Paper accepted at VLDB 2014

40th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB), Hangzhou, China, 1st - 5th September … > more


Paper accepted at iiWAS 2013

15th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services > more


Dr. Christoph Böhm

Christoph Böhm has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on September 13, 2013. > more


2 Papers at ICIQ - International Conference on Information Quality

Systematic ETL Management – Experiences with high-level Operators by Alexander Albrecht and Felix … > more


Database Genealogy - V4 released

We have just released the latest version of our RDBMS Genealogy showing a timeline of many popular … > more


Dr. Jana Bauckmann

Jana Bauckmann has successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation on June 14, 2013. > more


Dr. Dustin Lange

Dustin Lange successfully defends his PhD thesis "Effective and Efficient Similarity Search in … > more


Datenbank-Spektrum Article Accepted

Special Issue on RDF Data Management (German Database Forum) > more


Paper accepted at SSDBM 2013

25th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management (SSDBM), July 29-31, … > more


Data Profiling Revisited: Article accepted for SIGMOD Record

Felix Naumann. Data Profiling Revisited. SIGMOD Record (to appear), 2013. Data profiling … > more


Paper accepted at MSND workshop @ WWW 2013

Analyzing and Predicting Viral Tweets Maximilian Jenders, Gjergji Kasneci, and Felix Naumann  … > more


Runner Up for Best Paper Award at BTW 2013

The submission "Duplicate Detection on GPUs" by Benedikt Forchhammer, Thorsten Papenbrock, Thomas … > more


Contributions to ESWC 2013

10th Extended Semantic Web Conference in Montpellier, France > more


Article accepted at Information Systems Journal (IS)

Cost-Aware Query Planning for Similarity Search Dustin Lange and Felix Naumann  … > more


Paper and demo accepted at BTW Conference

15th BTW conference on "Database Systems for Business, Technology, and Web" (BTW 2013) Magdeburg, … > more


Felix Naumann gives keynote talk at ICIQ 2012

On November 17 Felix Naumann talked about "The Quality of Web Data" at the 2012 International … > more


Article accepted at Information Systems Journal (IS)

Cross-lingual Entity Matching and Infobox Alignment in Wikipedia Daniel Rinser, Dustin Lange, and … > more


bibDuDe deduplicates BibTeX files

A tool to deduplicate scientific references > more


Article accepted at Int. Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining (IJDWM)

Fusion Cubes: Towards Self-Service Business Intelligence Alberto Abelló, Jérôme Darmont, Lorena … > more


Felix Naumann gives keynote talk at ICWE 2012

On July 26 Felix Naumann talked about "Extreme Web Data Integration" at the 2012 International … > more


3 Papers (short) accepted at CIKM 2012

21st ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) will be held from … > more


3 Papers accepted at VLDB Workshops

DBRank 2012 – 6th International Workshop on Ranking in Databases, in conjunction with VLDB 2012  … > more


Paper accepted at I-Semantics Conference

I-SEMANTICS 2012 – 8th Int. Conference on Semantic Systems, Graz, Austria Scalable … > more


Paper accepted at ER Conference

31st International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2012) - Florence, Italy Schema Decryption … > more


Paper accepted at SSDBM

Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database … > more


Contributions to WWW 2012

Demo and LDOW paper accepted > more


JWS Article Accepted

Integrating Open Government Data with Stratosphere for more Transparency Arvid Heise and Felix … > more


LREC Paper Accepted

The eighth international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), Istanbul, Turkey.  … > more


Daniel Rinser wins award for his masters thesis

IQ Best Master Degree Wettbewerb der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Informations- und Datenqualität e. … > more


HPI TV releases video about GovWILD

See the new video about our Government Data Integration platform GovWILD. > more


Dr. Mohammed AbuJarour

"Enriched Service Descriptions: Sources, Approaches, and Usages" > more


Tool voidGen released

As part of our winning submission at the 2010 Billion Triple Challenge at the International Semantic … > more


ICDE Paper Accepted

28th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) Washington, DC, USA Adaptive Windows … > more


GovWILD in LOD cloud

The GovWILD team is happy to announce that the latest version of the LOD cloud (September 2011) … > more


CoopIS Paper Accepted

The 19th International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS) Crete, Greece  … > more


ICSOC Paper Accepted

Revealing Hidden Relations among Web Services Using Business Process Knowledge ... Mohammed … > more


5 Papers Accepted at CIKM 2011/ 1 Paper Accepted at the co-located SMER Workshop

Proceedings of the 20th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM 2011, Glasgow, … > more


JWS Article Accepted

Journal of Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web, 9(3):339-345, 9/2011  … > more


Wikipedia extraction data published

With iPopulator, we have introduced a system that automatically populates infoboxes of Wikipedia … > more


ICDKE Paper Accepted

International Conference on Data and Knowledge Engineering (ICDKE 2011), Milan A Generalization of … > more


Black Swan - Discovering events that matter.

As part of a seminar supervised by Prof. Naumann and Johannes Lorey in the last winter term, a group … > more


SCC Paper Accepted

Discovering Linkage Patterns among Web Services using Business Process Knowledge ... Mohammed … > more


ICWS Paper Accepted

Automatic Sampling of Web Services Mohammed AbuJarour and Sebastian Oergel > more


Dr. Armin Roth

"Efficient Query Answering in Peer Data Management Systems" ... > more


TKDE Paper accepted

Scalable Iterative Graph Duplicate DetectionMelanie Herschel, Felix Naumann, Sascha Szott, and Maik … > more


Dr. Jens Bleiholder

"Data Fusion and Conflict Resolution in Integrated Information Systems" ... > more


Dr. Falk Brauer

"Extraktion und Identifikation von Entitäten in Textdaten im Umfeld der Enterprise Search" ... > more