Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Winter Semester 2021/22

  • Datenbanksysteme II (VL, Bachelor, in Präsenz - online Teilnahme möglich)
  • Methoden der Forschung (S, Master, in Präsenz)
  • Large-Scale Time Series Analytics (PS, Master, in Präsenz)
  • Data Quality for AI (PS, Master, in Präsenz)
  • BCNF*: Automatische Schemaanalyse und Datentransformation für Data Warehouses (Bachelorprojekt, in Kooperation mit SBB)
  • Wikipedia Cleanup: Recognizing Stale Data (Masterprojekt)


For past courses since Winter 2006/07 please see our archive.

Many courses are recorded on tele-TASK, and we have offered two courses on openHPI, which are still open to the public (in German): Datenmanagement mit SQL (2013) and Data Engineering und Data Science – Klarheit in den Schlagwort-Dschungel (2020).

Theses & Projects

We are always happy to discuss ideas dor master projects and master's theses. Please contact Felix Naumann or any other researcher in our group.