Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Zhe Zuo

für Softwaresystemtechnik
Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Straße 2-3
D-14482 Potsdam

Phone: +49 331 5509 177
Fax: +49 331 5509 287
Room: G-3.2.09
Email:  Zhe Zuo


Research Interests

  • Information Extraction
  • Text Mining
  • Data Mining


  • Uncovering Business Relationships: Context-sensitive Relationship Extraction for Difficult Relationship Types. Zuo, Zhe; Loster, Michael; Krestel, Ralf; Naumann, Felix (2017).
  • Improving Company Recognition from Unstructured Text by using Dictionaries. Loster, Michael; Zuo, Zhe; Naumann, Felix; Maspfuhl, Oliver; Thomas, Dirk (2017).
  • CohEEL: Coherent and Efficient Named Entity Linking through Random Walks. Gruetze, Toni; Kasneci, Gjergji; Zuo, Zhe; Naumann, Felix in Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web (2016). 37(C) 75--89.
  • Bootstrapping Wikipedia to Answer Ambiguous Person Name Queries. Gruetze, Toni; Kasneci, Gjergji; Zuo, Zhe; Naumann, Felix (2014).
  • BEL: Bagging for Entity Linking. Zuo, Zhe; Kasneci, Gjergji; Gruetze, Toni; Naumann, Felix (2014).