Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann
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ProLOD++ Profiling and Mining Linked Open Data

ProLOD++ is a web-based profiling tool, which allows you to analyze Linked Open Data (LOD) and thus helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying structure and semantics. You can try it out here or find the code on github (CC-BY-SA).

LOD is data published on the Web adhering to a set of design principles. There is a notable growth of such LOD sources, which provide a wealth of information. Usually, these data sets are very large (millions of facts) and often heterogeneous (e.g. have a loose structure or are poorly formatted, etc.). This heterogeneity causes potential data quality issues. ProLOD++ helps to identify these problems.

ProLOD++ is able to process arbitrary LOD sources by analyzing N-Triple files containing all information of a dataset. Currently, the access to this automated analysis is not publicly available, i.e., you cannot upload NT files to be analyzed. However, if you are interested in profiling a specific data set, feel free to contact us. Also, you are welcome to play with the data sources we already uploaded, e.g., DBpedia and LinkedMDB. Your feedback is appreciated.



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