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Prof. Dr. Holger Karl

Publications of the open6GHub project

[ 2022 ]

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    Bless, R., Bloessl, B., Hollick, M., Corici, M., Karl, H., Krummacker, D., Linderschmitt, D., Schotten, H., Wimmer, L.: Dynamic Network (Re-)configuration Across Time, Scope, and Structure. Proc. Joint Europ. Conf. Networks and Communications & 6G Summit: 6G Visions (2022).
  • 2.
    Schneider, S.B., Werner, S., Khalili, R., Hecker, A., Karl, H.: mobile-env: An Open Platform for Reinforcement Learning in Wireless Mobile Networks. IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS). IEEE (2022).