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Prof. Dr. Holger Karl


As this group is still quite new, there are not yet a lot of people involved. That also means there a couple of open jobs! Please talk to us if our topics sound interesting. 


Head & office

Prof. Dr. Holger Karl

Head of the Internet-Technology and Softwarization group 

Office: K-1.15 
Tel.: +49 331 5509-3490
Links: Homepage, publications 

Kerstin Miers

Administrative support 

Office: A-2.6
Tel.: +49 331 5509-314

PhD Students

Hossein Mohammadalizadeh

PhD Student; project open6GLab 

Email: Ho.Mohammadalizadeh(at)hpi.de

Office: K-1.17

Tel.: +49 331 5509-376

Leonard Paeleke

PhD Student; project open6GLab 

Email: leonard.paeleke(at)hpi.de

Tel.: +49 331 5509-3492

Theo Radig

PhD Student; project KI-Servicezentrum (KISZ)

Email: Theo.Radig(at)hpi.de

Office: K-1.17 

Tel.: +49 331 5509-3944


Haitham Afifi


PhD Student; project Acoustic Sensor Networks 

Email: haitham.afifi(at)hpi.de 

Valentin Kirchner

PhD Student; project open6GLab 

Email: valentin.kirchner[at]hpi.de

Office: K-1.17 

Tel. +49 331 5509-3478