Connecting the dots – Planning, measuring and steering the impact of human-centered design and Design Thinking in organizations

PI: Professor Dr. Falk Uebernickel


Over the last years, the role of design in organizations expanded from a form-giving activity to a strategic problem-solving and decision-making capability (Kolko 2015) . Especially in light of the uncertain and complex nature of digital ecosystems with various stakeholders pursuing different and sometimes contradictory goals, human-centered design (HCD) is (re-)gaining traction. At the same time, today’s dynamic world is characterized by volatility and change. Therefore, HCD is not only promising at the outset of innovation projects, but needs to be adapted continuously over the life cycle of projects. Accordingly, the main research question at hand is“ How can software-driven organizations plan the systematic improvement and constant use of Design Thinking and HCD aligned and synchronized with the existing corporate strategy?” To investigate this question, we will apply the well-established and rigorous research methodology “Design Science Research” (DSR). As outcome we plan high-level publications (A and C ranking1) in the coming year along with practitioner reports.