Augmented Coaching with Performative Patterns: Towards a digital toolkit for instrumented team coaching

PI: Dr. Jonathan Antonio Edelman, Prof. Dr. Christoph Lippert


What are the ways an enterprise sports coaching analysis system can be used to augment coaching for design teams? Augmented Coaching seeks to leverage new research-based training materials to investigate how a data-driven toolkit can support design team coaches. During year one the Research to Impact group focused on making over 10 years of Design Thinking research available to design teams, coaches and teachers in the form of Performative Patterns, robust and successful interactive patterns observed in high-performance design teams (See Report Year 1, Edelman et al. 2019). Based on observable behavioral phenomena, Performative Patterns delineate design activity to clearly observable, measurable, and quantifiable operational units.


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Joaquin Santuber

Joaquín is a researcher at HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program. He is part of the ‘Research to Impact: Bridging the Research-Practice Gap’ group under … > Go to article