analyzeD – A Virtual Design Observatory

PI: Larry Leifer


With analyzeD we aim to create and disseminate a design project analyzer that will enable researchers beyond the HPDTRP community to conduct Design Thinking research. The application will be set up as software as a service (SaaS) solution. As a result we remain in partial control of the ongoing research activities. That will allow HPDTRP to benefit directly, by having data access and indirectly, by being cited. The initial setup of the service will encompass the functionalities as developed for the d.store application within the last two years but based on generic architecture that offers simplified access and is able to handle large data sets. Beyond existing d.store functionality, analyzeD will allow us to tap into CAD log file data of various engineering projects. Equipped with this empirical data, we aim to quantitatively model and statically test Design Thinking paradigms. A strong candidate for testing is the consecutive rapid iteration paradigm. Can recurring patterns and wave-like movements in the captured design activities indicate a well-explored solution space and enhanced output quality? To our current knowledge, testing core Design Thinking assumptions with large, real life data samples would be a first in Design Thinking research.

analyzeD is a joint project of researchers at CDR and HPI.