Developing a Design Thinking Evaluation System

PI: Prof. Bernard Roth


Building on the findings from the previous two years we seek to connect dispositional and action orientated design thinking outcomes as part of a model that describes the impact d.school alumni have. After formulating an initial measure of creative agency, we will continue to develop the validity of the scale by testing it with d.school students both in full-quarter courses and multi-day workshops.  This work will be supplemented by developing another outcome measure called Creative output; actual manifestations of applying design thinking builds natural off of agency. Researching this measure will follow a similar process to the one used to generate the creative agency measure. We will start by examining what artifacts, processes, and experiences d.school alumni create in their work. From there we will categorize the results and develop prototype measures.

The next step is to test these measures. Because large IT companies have sent numerous employees to executive training and some of them have been using the creative agency measures, it makes sense to experimentally test creative output measures within those organizations.