Implementing and Measuring the Impact of Design Thinking in Software Development Processes

PI: Dr. Matthias Uflacker


While research and practitioners agree that Design Thinking, Agile Development and Lean Startup are complementary approaches, a seamless integration of those methods into one agile software development process is still subject to research. Furthermore, despite its popularity and given tools and techniques, the actual application of design thinking has not reached companies worldwide. There is a lack of a roadmap to support companies on how and where to apply their efforts to systematically achieve their desired design thinking capability. Towards these two gaps, this project aims to develop a comprehensive toolkit that will support software teams and management when implementing design thinking in the development process. We will adopt a mixed method approach to evaluate our toolkit and empirically connect its elements. Our findings will provide a deeper understanding of how to offer a comprehensive support for teams and management in agile software companies throughout the whole development process and valuable insights into how to create more innovative software-products.