Human-Centered Digital Innovation II

A Cognitive Perspective on Challenges in Human-Centered Digital Innovation Activities

PI: Prof. Falk Uebernickel


The rise of digital technology requires established organizations to substantially reorganize their structures, processes and capabilities. Many have started this process by using human-centered digital innovation activities to foster the values of customer-centricity and agility. However, many of them experience substantial challenges when doing so as the existing organization and its members are coping with significant inertial forces and cognitive biases. Addressing this challenge using a cognitive lens, this research proposal aims to investigate the phenomenon of inertia and escalating commitment in the context of the use and implementation of human-centered digital innovation activities. We do so by using a mixed methods research design consisting of case studies with organizations pursuing this path combined with experiments and quantitative surveys to investigate our phenomena of interest with organizational members.

Our findings will contribute as they allow for a more fine-grained understanding of inertia and escalating commitment in human-centered design activities. This may serve as the foundation to develop corresponding interventions. In terms of outcomes, beyond numerous publications in prestigious journals and conferences, we intend to deliver workshop designs and assessment tools for inertia and escalation of commitment.


Danielly de Paula, Thomas Haskamp, Carolin Marx