Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Repeatability - MDs

This is a repeatability page for MD discovery algorithms. The algorithms are provided in the state their results have been published, but they may not represent the most recent version of their implementations. To get the more up-to-date version of the algorithms, use the binaries provided here.

MD Algorithms


All MD algorithms have been exhaustively tested on the following datasets:

adultuci1532.5611053.528 KB91
restaurantscs.texas.edu686410663 KB7
ncvotersncsbe.gov2215.245.7991091.491 MB369
hgimedicare.gov1448301010707 KB289
pcmmedicare.gov14934210102.007 KB557
corahpi161.8791012367 KB2001
flightbts.gov381.0001022187 KB14170
hospitalmedicare.gov1349.342/4.83010222.714 KB3544
amazon-walmartmagellan1324.583 41.541 KB132,732
cddbfreedb.org69.763 3.255 KB11
censussecondstring5841 27 KB15
dblp-scholardbs leipzig566.789 9.225 KB5