Prof. Dr. h.c. Hasso Plattner

Research Areas

In-Memory Data Management for Enterprise Systems

The increase of computing power with new multi core hardware architectures is about to accomplish new breakthroughs in the software industry. It allows for significant parallelization of application processes with new data management paradigms, as well as in-memory, real-time analytics over massive amounts of data.

Tools & Methods for Enterprise Systems Design and Engineering

In a business context, a designed product or service is often the most direct channel of communication to the end-user. A good or bad design has an undeniable impact on branding. In effect, design becomes a proxy for the company, where the feeling and emotions that an end-user experiences with what is designed becomes the feelings and emotions that the end-user has for the company.

In-Memory Data Management for Life Sciences

In addition to our research activities in the field of " In-Memory Enterprise Data Management", our group focuses on applying in-memory technology to further fields. For example, the volume of scientific data typically exceeds all requirements of data sets used in traditional enterprises.
Building on our long-lasting experience in applying in-memory technology to selected enterprise challenges, we also want to improve processing and analyzing of large scientific data sets in real-time. As a result, the dedicated research area "In-Memory Data Management for Life Sciences" focuses on this type of special research challenges.