Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Dr. Ziawasch Abedjan


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Research Activities


  • Data Profiling
  • Data Mining


Master's Thesis Co-Supervision

  • Benjamin Emde: "Context-Aware Recommendations in Social Networks", 2012
  • Sven Viehmeier: "Incremental Data profiling", 2012/2013
  • Patrick Schulze: "Depth-First Discovery of Functional Dependencies" 2013/2014

Master Project Co-Supervision

  • "Global Relevance Scores for DBpedia Facts", 2012/2013



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  • Fast Approximate Discovery of Inclusion Dependencies.Kruse, Sebastian; Papenbrock, Thorsten; Dullweber, Christian; Finke, Moritz; Hegner, Manuel; Zabel, Martin; Zöllner, Christian; Naumann, Felix (2017). 207-226.
  • A Hybrid Approach for Efficient Unique Column Combination Discovery.Papenbrock, Thorsten; Naumann, Felix (2017). 195-204.
  • Data Profiling (tutorial).Abedjan, Ziawasch; Golab, Lukasz; Naumann, Felix (2017).
  • Profiling relational data: a survey.Abedjan, Ziawasch; Golab, Lukasz; Naumann, Felix in VLDB Journal (2015). 24(4) 557-581.
  • Profiling and Mining RDF Data with ProLOD++.Abedjan, Ziawasch; Gruetze, Toni; Jentzsch, Anja; Naumann, Felix (2014).
  • Detecting Unique Column Combinations on Dynamic Data.Abedjan, Ziawasch; Quanie-Ruiz, Jorge-Arnulfo; Naumann, Felix (2014).
  • Amending RDF Entities with New Facts.Abedjan, Ziawasch; Naumann, Felix (2014).
  • DFD: Efficient Discovery of Functional Dependencies.Abedjan, Ziawasch; Schulze, Patrick; Naumann, Felix (2014). 949-958.
  • Assigning Global Relevance Scores to DBpedia Facts.Langer, Philipp; Schulze, Patrick; George, Stefan; Kohnen, Matthias; Metzke, Tobias; Abedjan, Ziawasch; Kasneci, Gjergji (2014).
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  • Improving RDF Data through Association Rule Mining.Abedjan, Ziawasch; Naumann, Felix in Datenbank-Spektrum (Special Issue on RDF Data Management) (2013). 13(2) 111--120.
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  • Advancing the Discovery of Unique Column Combinations.Abedjan, Ziawasch; Naumann, Felix (2011).
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  • Context and Target Configurations for Mining RDF Data.Abedjan, Ziawasch; Naumann, Felix (2011).
  • Advancing the Discovery of Unique Column Combinations. Technical Report (51), Abedjan, Ziawasch; Naumann, Felix (2011).
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Review Activity

  • ACM Transactions on the Web
  • DESWeb 2014