Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Hasso Plattner

ME310 Projects of the Year 2007-2008


In the first iteration of this course (2007/08), the HPI cooperated in projects with Audi and Siemens to offer challenging and relevant design tasks to the global student teams in Potsdam and Stanford.

Audi Assist - Smart Handbook

The Audi team explored ways to abandon the heavy and thick handbooks of today's cars to make them more handy and user-friendly. Given the Audi Q7 as an experimental use case, they manipulated it for their intense prototyping and invented the virtualized manual integrated in the cockpit. Called "Information at your Fingertips" touching sensors where used to sense the user's context enabling context-related information mediation, e.g. via sound and display.

Siemens sWand - The Industrial Magic Wand

The launch of the Nintendo Wii at the end of 2006 introduced a revolutionary concept of interaction with computer games through gestures. For the first time, gamers had the ability to use natural, expressive movements to control game play. Furthermore, the use of input devices with haptic feedback is increasing as it allows users to utilize more of their natural senses, creating richer and more intuitive experiences. The design challenge was to transfer these advantages to industrial applications. The sWand allows users to break away from touchscreen displays and control complex machines using gestures.