Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

MSc. Tobias Wuttke

Research Associate & PhD Student

Phone:+49 (331) 5509 - 3437
Fax:+49 (331) 5509 - 579
Address:August-Bebel-Str. 88, 14482 Potsdam
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My research focuses on the role of business process management (BPM) in the context of digital entrepreneurship. While the role of BPM in established organizations has been extensively studied, there has been limited research on how BPM functions during the different stages of venture creation in digital startups. These startups often face unique organizational changes that pose additional challenges, as resources previously dedicated to product development must be redirected to ensure the survival of the venture.

To address this issue, I aim to analyze the tensions that arise between the inherent flexibility of digital ventures and the structure imposed by conventional BPM practices. Through my research, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of these challenges and develop a framework to help founders effectively manage them in the future. My goal is to make a meaningful contribution to the field by providing a more nuanced view of the interplay between BPM and digital entrepreneurship.