Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Hasso Plattner

Trends and Concepts in the Software Industry Seminar - Consulting the Business

General Information

  • Lecturer: Dr. Ralf Teusner
  • Teaching team: Franziska Dobrigkeit, Christopher Hagedorn, Christoph Matthies
  • 6 ECTS (graded)
  • Initial seminar introduction: 19.10.2023, 11:00, in room [D-E.9/10] and via Zoom Password: 539061)
  • Kick-off workshop: 16. and 17.11.2023, 09:15 - 17:00, room H-E.51/52
  • Enrollment: 31.10.2023
  • Seminar capacity: 20 students
  • Exam date: tba
  • Specialization areas:
    • IT-Systems Engineering MA: BPET; OSIS
    • Data Engineering MA: DANA; DASY
    • Digital Health MA: SCAD; APAD
    • Cybersecurity MA: IDMG
    • Software Systems Engineering MA: HPI-SSE-S, SSYS, DSYS

Seminar Schedule

  • Introduction: 19.10.2023, 11:00, in room D-E.9/10  (and via Zoom)
  • Kick-off workshop with various talks and group exercises: 16. and 17.11.2023, 09:15 - 17:00, room H-E.51/52
  • Conduction of a case study (interviews, observations, synthesis of results): November 2023 through February 2024
  • Intermediate presentations: 23.02.2024, 09:15 - 12:00 (room: F-E.06)
  • Seminar block week: 11.03. - 15.03.2024 (room: D-Space, Main Building 3rd floor)
  • Deadline for documentation: 15.04.2024

Generative AI in Enterprise Software

In this year’s trends and concept seminar with the topic "Generative AI in Enterprise Software", we consult customers by analyzing their needs for intelligent automation and integration of AI models into their business processes. In case studies with our industry partners and through their real-world examples, you will learn about their current issues and opportunities to integrate generative AI models in the enterprise context. The seminars aim is to identify enablers and barriers for general or also specific (text-)models to summarize details, categorize input, or inspire additional options in business settings.

About the Seminar

To help you tackle this year’s challenge, “Generative AI in Enterprise Software" the course comprises four interwoven parts. In an introductory workshop, you will get acquainted with the topic. You will learn the basics of current generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) models, the expectations towards them, as well as the limitations they currently face. You will get to know tools and processes to explore currently available generative models. Additionally, you will learn interview and observation techniques to prepare you for your case study.

Following the workshop, you will conduct a case study with experts from SAP and an industry partner. You will interview them to learn about their business processes, needs, and business cases. Based on these interviews, you can identify enablers and barriers for the integration of AI models into the processes of your case company. During the main part of the seminar, the block week with CEO Christian Klein and SAP executives, you will present your case studies and develop, refine, and polish concepts for intelligent automation. The seminar week will follow an agile process containing elements from hackathons and design thinking workshops. At the end of the seminar week, you will showcase your results to Christian Klein, your industry partners, and SAP representatives in a final presentation. You will conclude the lecture by documenting your case study, findings, and concepts for generative AI in Enterprise Software.

    Learning Goals

    Participants will get first experiences in consulting businesses. In particular, this means:

    • Learn about fundamental principles behind generative AI Models 
    • Become familiar with real business use cases and how transformer models can augment these use cases
    • Learn how to pitch in front of executives and convince them of your solutions


    Basic knowledge about generative AI, business processes, cloud native development, enterprise data management, and modern database systems is beneficial but not mandatory.

    This knowledge can be acquired through reading and watching the recommended materials.

        Materials / Further Reading

        Please find the introduction slides here.

        You can find all other the slides presented in the course in our moodle.

        Prior knowledge about the fundamentals of generative AI and also enterprise data management is beneficial, which might have been acquired through:

        MOOC: KI-Zukunft

        MOOC: Enterprise Goes Cloud


        We expect active participation in the team and during the block seminar. Grading will be determined by

        • Engagement to discussions, the project and teamwork, exercises, intermediate presentations (30%),
        • Project results and final presentation (40%),
        • Documentation of the results (30%).