Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

Process Dynamics in Digital Ventures


Digital ventures are young companies focused on digital market offerings. They have the unique ability to rapidly expand their user base by leveraging digital technology. Examples such as Amazon and Google were able to grow to a scale that took industrial companies decades to reach. However, this rapid growth comes with organizational challenges, such as managing rapidly growing revenue and headcount. To address these challenges, digital companies need to formalize and evolve their business processes to scale with their business. In this research project, we investigate the drivers and mechanics of their process changes.


Research Questions:

  • How are digital ventures creating scalable business processes to support their growth?
  • How are the business processes of digital ventures evolving across different stages of their development?
  • What are the key requirements for enterprise systems tailored to the needs of digital ventures?

Expected Outcomes:

  • Best practices for entrepreneurs to set up their business processes
  • Requirements for enterprise systems tailored to the enterprise needs of startups

Research Team:

  • Project Owner:Tobias Wuttke
  • Project Collaborators from Academia
    • Hasso Plattner Institute: Thomas Haskamp, Michael Perscheid
  • Project Collaborators from Practice: 
    • SAP

Project Period:

The project started in 2022-2024.


Founders and employees working in digital startups

Thesis Topics:

Feel free to get in touch with Tobias Wuttke if you are interested in writing a thesis as part of this project.

Related Publications:

Böhme, L., Wuttke, T., Teusner, R., Perscheid, M., Baltes, S., Matthies, C., & Bender, B. (2023). From full-fledged ERP systems towards process-centric business process platforms. AMCIS 2023.

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