Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

Research Projects

The chair for design thinking and innovation research is running several research activties in close collaboration with private and public partners. In general, students write their (PhD/Master) thesis also in one of our research topics. Currently, the chair performs research in four different domains:

Research Areas

The team of the DTIR is publishing work in the areas of information systems, management and design. In specific, we publish concerning the following research areas looking for answers for the following questions:

  • Management of Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking: 

As part of this research area, we investigate the role and management of human-centred design and design thinking in organizations. Example questions are:

  1. What's the status-quo concerning the application and implementation of Design Thinking in Organizations? 
  2. How can Organizations plan, measure and steer design thinking activities most effectively? 
  3. What's the impact of Design Thinking?
  4. How can organizations align design thinking within their existing business strategy most efficiently?
  5. How can we incorporate Design Thinking for Requirements Engineering?  
  • Digital Transformation and Innovation:

As part of this research area, we investigate how organizations can manage digital transformation. In specific, we investigate phenomena such as Digital Innovation Units, Inertia as part of Digital Transformation Initiative, and Strategic Cognition. Thereby, we ask questions such as:

  1. What's the role of Digital Innovation Units in Organizations Digital Transformation Journey?
  2. How can Organizations deal with Inertia as part of ongoing Digital Transformation Initiatives?
  3. What's the role of Strategic Cognition in Digital Transformation?