Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

Design Thinking Compass - Capability Report


Thank you for completing the survey, and your contribution to improve the capability report. The results on this page are updated frequently.

Since October 2020 we have asked more than 1,000 practitioners to rate their firms' Design Thinking capabilities based on our Multi-Dimensional Compass Model. The following plots will give an overview of the aggregated results with 1 meaning the lowest, and 5 for the highest Design Thinking Capability in the respective area. 

Design Thinking Compass: Overall Firm-Level Capabilities

Design Thinking Compass: Firm-Level Capabilities by Firm Size

Design Thinking Compass: Firm-Level Capabilities By Industry

Related Publication

Marx C., Haskamp T., De Paula D., Uebernickel F. (In press) The Nexus of Design Thinking and Intrapreneurship: insights from a large scale empirical assessment. HICSS 2022.