Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

Bachelor and Master Projects

Master project topics

  • Karim Salim: A conceptual model for planning, measuring and controlling success of Design Thinking projects 
  • Tom Hofmann (EMBA): Human centred design in information security Empathy for improved security control design
  • Impact of design thinking on firm performance: A quantitative research of the effect across different industries
  • Ivan Seric: Implementing Design Thinking for Digital Innovation in Practice - A Survey on Practices, Success Factors and Challenges
  • Tiziano Sabbioni: Performance Measurement of Design Thinking efforts in organizations
  • Adrian Novakovic: Survey on the Challenges of Design Thinking in Practice
  • Alexandr Cernomoret, Florian Misteli: Collaboration modes between Startups and established organizations
  • Using Jan Zarske Bueno : human-centred design to design health care solutions in East Africa: a case study in rural Kenya