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Neuland – The HPI Podcast

HPI Podcast Neuland

Gain knowledge about the digital world. Experts from the Hasso Plattner Institute speak in the German Podcast 'Neuland' (The Unknown Territory) comprehensibly about digital developments and trends, as well as the opportunities and risks of digitization. Each episode deals with a socially relevant topic: From the power of artificial intelligence, the blockchain to hounding in social media. 

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Episode 14: Design Thinking 4.0

Digital transformation is changing the world fundamentally. But what role does the individual play in this change? Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, head of the HPI School of Design Thinking, will talk about this question.

Understanding digitalization as a fundamental process that will eventually be over - this is what Prof. Ulrich Weinberg wishes for in the new episode of Neuland. Together with moderator Leon Stebe, he discusses the resilience of old structures, uncovers deficiencies in communication around digitization issues and advocates the participation of everyone in change processes.

Episode 13: The Value of our Data

Prof. Dr. Naumann

Every day, consciously or unconsciously, we leave a lot of data on the net. How large corporations use this data and how much money our personal data are worth, explains HPI Professor Felix Naumann.

How important it is to separate professional and private affairs strictly on the net, explains HPI professor Felix Naumann in the new podcast episode. He also clarifies how corporations can automatically analyze the data of individual users, quantifies the value of this data and describes which monitoring methods are already tested in theory with our data.

Episode 12: Digital Education

Prof. Dr. Meinel

Knowledge is growing in times of digitalization and confronts us with the question of where and how we will learn in the future. Lifelong learning is becoming indispensable - what role universities will play in this, and why people prefer to learn in digitally in teams, explains HPI Professor Christoph Meinel.

The knowledge we learn during vocational training or university studies is no longer sufficient for our entire working life. Lifelong learning is becoming a necessity in times of digitalization. But what does this learning of the future look like? In an interview with Leon Stebe in the new episode Neuland, HPI Director Prof. Meinel explains how access to knowledge can be made easier for everyone in the digital age, what new formats there are and what role universities can play in this.

Episode 11: Wearables, Smart Watches, Fitness Tracker

HPI-Professor Bert Arnrich

Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers and Wearables - more and more devices provide us with continuous data. HPI Professor Bert Arnrich explains how these devices can help improve our health and whether the Internet of Things can help us prevent diseases.

Arnrich, head of the Digital Health - Connected Health research group, pleads in the new episode that the time between visits to the doctor should be used in a meaningful way. In discussion with presenter Leon Stebe, he explains how a chair can be used to measure stress levels, how comfortable technology must be in order for people not to notice it, and how the Internet of Things can help people live healthier lives.

Episode 10: Executive Leadership

Annie Kerguenne

The demands on executives and companies are changing rapidly in times of digitalisation. How to break up and change existing structures with the help of the innovation method Design Thinking?

Annie Kerguenne, Program Manager at the HPI Academy, discusses with moderator Leon Stebe what demands digitalisation places on today's executives. Together, they will discuss how Design Thinking can help executives learn to better understand their employees and how to successfully implement new strategies over the long term.

Episode 9: 3D printing

Prof. Dr. Baudisch

Whether in space research, medicine or house construction - 3D printing is already being used in a wide variety of areas. But what does it take for good 3D printing? What are its limits and what will be possible with 3D printing in the future?

Whether artificial heart or car parts for Formula 1 - the possibilities of 3D printing seem almost unlimited. But what does it need for good 3D printing? And what could the technology look like in a few years' time? Presenter Leon Stebe discusses these and other questions with Prof. Patrick Baudisch, head of the "Human Computer Interaction" research group at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), in the new episode of the podcast Neuland.

Episode 8: Algorithms

Tobias Friedrich
Timo Kötzing

Those who think that algorithms have only something to do with computers are wrong. They go through many areas of our everyday lives - and we do not even notice anything about them. But what is an algorithm?

Algorithms permeate many areas of our everyday lives - and often we do not notice them at all. But what is an algorithm? How exactly can they predict individual preferences and what is an effective algorithm? All this and many more questions will be discussed between Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich, Head of the Department "Algorithm Engineering" at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) and senior researcher Dr. Timo Kötzing together Leon Stebe in our new podcast episode.

Episode 7: Cybersecurity

Prof. Dr. Meinel

Have I been hacked? How can I protect my digital identity?

Millions of leaked passwords show that cybersecurity and data theft are all about us. But how can you best protect your digital identity? In the new podcast, Professor Christoph Meine talks to moderator Leon Stebe about the strengths and weaknesses of passwords, different types of attacks and how authentication might look in the future.

Episode 6: Hate in the Net

Dr. Ralf Krestel

Hate comments and shitstorms in the net are a widespread problem - but how to deal with hate in the net?

Hate and aggitation in the net are a widespread problem - especially in the comment columns for online articles. How artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies can help to curb them without censoring, explains senior researcher Dr. Ralf Krestel in the sixth episode of the HPI podcast 'Neuland'.

Episode 5: Design Thinking

Claudia Nicolai
Dr. Holger Rhinow

What is Design Thinking?

Innovative, creative and quickly finding user-oriented solutions: these are just a few aspects and strengths of the Design Thinking. However, how does Design Thinking work in practice? Dr. Claudia Nicolai and Dr. Holger Rhinow answer these and other questions in the new episode of the HPI podcast.

Episode 4: Blockchain

Prof. Dr. Meinel

What is Blockchain technology and how can I benefit from it? 

The Blockchain will make us rich! Such statements stimulate the imagination. But how does Blockchain actually work, how sure is it, and in which areas will it meet us in the future? HPI Director Christoph Meinel discusses these and other questions with moderator Leon Stebe in the fourth episode of the HPI podcast Neuland. 

Episode 3: Digital Health

Prof. Dr. Erwin Böttinger

How does the future of medicine look like? 

Digitization affects all areas of life - but doctor visit has changed little in the last 30 years. HPI professor Erwin Böttinger discusses the opportunities of digitization for the healthcare system and potentials of digital development for the health sector with moderator Leon Stebe in the third episode of the HPI podcast Neuland.

Episode 2: What does a Data Scientist do?

HPI-Professor Naumann

Data sciences such as data engineering, and data analysis are becoming increasingly important in times of digitization. However, what does the job look like?

Every one of us leaves traces on the web every day - what moral and ethical responsibilities develop from this for data scientists? Answering this question and evaluating the opportunities and risks of data processing, HPI Professor Felix Naumann gives new ground to our moderator Leon Stebe in the second episode of the HPI podcast.

Episode 1: Getting to know the Digital World: The HPI-Podcast

Prof. Dr. Meinel

Digitization - a new world or long known terrain?

Is the internet still new territory? Is there a second, virtual world? The Hasso Plattner Institute has been committed to a broader digital education for many years. The podcast provides an accessible introduction to better understanding and managing technologies. In conversation: Moderator Leon Stebe and HPI Director Prof. Christoph Meinel.

Teaser: More Knowledge about the Digital World

HPI Podcast Neuland: Teaser

Outlook on the range of topics of the new HPI podcast

In the new HPI podcast, experts talk about digital developments and trends as well as opportunities and risks of digitization: from the power of artificial intelligence to blockchain technology and the hounding in social media.