The HPI School of Design Thinking

"We need to learn to work
collaboratively in multidisciplinary
teams to activate new sources of
ideas and inspiration."


Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, Head of HPI School of Design Thinking

The HPI School of Design Thinking
The HPI School of Design Thinking
The HPI School of Design Thinking
The HPI School of Design Thinking

The HPI School of Design Thinking (HPI D-School for short) offers a supplementary training program in Design Thinking that is unique in Europe. Students receive solid knowledge and skills in innovation methodology and practical application. In intensive collaboration with companies and social institutions, our multidisciplinary student teams develop especially user-friendly products and services. The special working environment, sophisticated innovation process and highly-qualified instructors provide the best conditions to make it happen.

Together with the in Stanford, the HPI School of Design Thinking has taken a pioneering role in the development and dissemination of Design Thinking. The focus of the HPI D-School, Potsdam lies in the teaching method, the cooperation with project partners and the research and further development of Design Thinking. 

But the HPI D-School has not only been engaged in the transfer of Design Thinking-relevant know-how. Many graduates also use their inspiration and motivation - in the form of their newly acquired knowledge and unique contacts - to found their own startup and enter the business market. Some of these companies have existed for years. HPI D-School alumni also bring their experience back to the HPI D-School to share with the new students.

Worldwide new innovation and training centers are constantly emerging. The HPI D-School in Potsdam encourages and supports this development whenever possible with experienced design thinkers.

The teaching team is reformed each year of the student’s program. For the support of the 120 students alone there are 35 professors and assistants engaged each semester on a daily basis as coaches. The teaching team is continuously enriched by exciting experts, which results in a new constellation for the projects.  This intensive support guarantees the unique teaching quality at the HPI D-School.

The HPI D-School in Potsdam is the European center for a growing Design Thinking community. Regularly scheduled workshops and topic-related events are held as part of the program. Interested parties from all over the world meet at these events and have the chance to experience Design Thinking up close, determine the trends of tomorrow and debate the best ideas.

The formation of the HPI D-School team is also multi-disciplinary in reflection of the self-conception of Design Thinking and its diverse learning program. Our team works together with our students and project partners on completely different visions and their support.