Tele-Board: Remote collaboration in real world settings

PI: Prof. Christoph Meinel


The goal of the Tele-Board project is to facilitate remote Design Thinking for distributed teams and support Design Thinkers in using their creative potentials and working more efficiently with digital tools. In the first years we developed and tested a digital whiteboard system, which provides the possibility to practice and research digital Design Thinking. With the achievements of the former years we can now use the Tele-Board system in real world settings in academic and corporate environments. 

In the next project year we want to center our research on the deployment and use of the system in industry and university contexts. We will investigate how the teams are working with the system and how it improves their team work. In long-term use studies we will find out which characteristics of the Tele-Board system support and hinder remote collaboration in general. Additionally, we want to provide special whiteboard functions, which help Design Thinking teams to ease their work, such as reducing information overload and detecting most important time periods for understanding the other team's decisions.