Tele-BoardMED: Engaging Design Thinkers and Psychotherapists in Mutual Learning

PI: Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel


Tele-Board MED is a software that helps patient and doctor create and use patient files with maximum benefit. The version of Tele-Board MED that has been created in the last year is tailored to support psychotherapies.  In psychotherapies, the challenge of solving problems creatively is omnipresent. Actually, behavior therapists use the same process model to understand and solve problems that design thinkers use too. Far reaching parallels between design thinking and psychotherapy give us the opportunity of mutual learning. We want to implement a lot of design thinking elements in Tele-Board MED. By establishing semi-automated test routines, the users of Tele-Board MED (psychotherapists) will contribute their hypotheses as to what the design thinking elements achieve. The hypotheses will be tested – experimentally and by time series analyses. Thus, design thinkers can profit from the outlook and expertise of psychotherapists. And psychotherapists receive support from design thinking. In addition, we want Tele-Board MED to create easy-to-use session protocols automatically. This will help therapist and patient remember where they left off the last time they met. Once the automated strategy works on Tele-Board MED, a very similar strategy may be acquired by design thinkers too.