Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking Teams II (HPI)

PI: Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, Dr. Claudia Nicolai


For the upcoming research year 2015/2016 we propose to deploy the diagnostic instruments, Knowledge Handling Notation (KHN) and Topic Handling Notation (THN) to an in situ data set of design team interaction. Both, the in situ data set and the notation schemes were developed in the first year of our research (2014/2015). We aim at consolidating those two notation schemes and the Interaction Dynamics Notation (IDN), which was developed by our joint project team (Sonalkar et al.) towards an analysis of meaning-making in design team conversations. Looking at team interaction with these three “lenses” and to overlap them is of interest for the Design Thinking research community as it promises insights regarding genuine innovation behavior along the Design Thinking path. Next to that we propose to apply these descriptive methods to instant feedback and reference systems for Design Thinking teams, coaches, and experts.