Design Thinking at Scale III: Supporting expertise development through online learning units

PI: Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel


The challenges and possibilities of teaching and learning of design thinking in an online environment and at scale have been the focus of this research project. After intense studies on current MOOCs on design thinking and following the latest trends in Elearning and MOOC research, the team also dug deep into the literature on educational research although design thinking is a relatively new topic, design thinking trainings are about teaching and learning after all. The team has worked on conceptualizing an online course on the Inspiration phase of design thinking that is planned to launch on openHPI in October. Through this course, the following topics will be investigated in this year: a) the role of online learning units in supporting novice learners in real life design thinking trainings. b) the impact of cultural influences on the perception and practice of design thinking taught online.