Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

METL - Managing and Integrating ETL Processes

ETL-processes are defined to integrate heterogeneous data into a data warehouse. ETL management is the systematic, semi-automatic management of large sets of such processes. It includes several simple operators, such as IMPORT and SEARCH, and more complex operators, such as MATCH, MERGE, or INVERT. Links:

Bachelorprojects GrETL and Moritz

Managing and Integrating ETL Processes

ETL tools allow the definition of sometimes complex processes to extract, transform, and load heterogeneous data into a data warehouse or to perform other data migration tasks. In larger organizations many ETL processes of different data integration projects are accumulated. Such processes can encompass common sub-processes, shared data sources and targets, and same or similar operations. However, there is no common method or approach to systematically manage such ETL processes. With METL (Managing ETL) we present a next generation ETL tool that supports high-level ETL management.



  • InfoDyn AG
  • BBF - Gesellschaft für Softwareentwicklung und Beratung mbH 


Master theses

  • Summarizing Extract-Transform-Load Workflows, Minh Tuan Nguyen, 2012
  • ETL Process Recommendation, Andriy Vedrych, 2010
  • Merging Extract, Transform, Load Processes, Karsten Draba, 2009